You step out of your cool, comfortable, air conditioned office and you are immediately smacked in the face by the intense heat…uh oh, and you think “I must have slipped and fallen into hell fire”. Such is the intense heatwave we have been experiencing in this tropical city of Lagos. With temperatures going up to 104°F (40°C) it is difficult to breathe and you sometimes feel like you have been thrown into a furnace, which has been cranked up to about 1000°F (538°C). The weather has been unbearably hot and we have compiled some simple tips to stay cool in this heatwave.

  1. Drink lots of water…your skin needs it

it is EXTREMELY important to keep yourself hydrated…and your skin. Excessive heat will dehydrate your skin and cause it to look dull and wrinkly…keeping your skin hydrated will ensure that the skin is properly functional and protected.

  1. Use water-based, lightweight sunscreen/ sunblock

It is important that you use a very good sunscreen/sunblock to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun. It is also very important to note that sunscreen must be applied all over the body…even in parts that are not exposed to the sun. Our Green Tea Medley Soap contains powerful antioxidants, which help to protect, repair and reverse sun damage.

  1. Stay Indoors…away from the sun

The best way to protect your skin from the sun is to stay out of it’s path and keep cool. Protective clothing such as loose cotton, hats, sunglasses should be worn especially when sun exposure is inevitable.

  1. Wear minimal to no makeup

Frequent wearing of makeup tends to clog your pores and since makeup tends to trap airborne dirt, this is exacerbated by the extreme heat. Bacteria thrive on warm and moist environments and in excessively hot conditions, your face is prone to produce extra oil, and when mixed with sweat and the warmth, this could be a recipe for disaster. Ditch the foundation and go for a light bronzer or a tinted moisturiser instead.

  1. Avoid citrus skincare products during the day

While citrus fruits are great for you, they are harmful to your skin when exposed to direct sunlight as they cause photosensitivity (makes your skin more susceptible to sunburn)! Ensure that you do not use any products that contain citrus during the day and you use your citrus based products at night and follow up with a good moisturiser and sunscreen during the day.

  1. Exfoliate at least 3 evenings a week

No better way to wash off the grime and dirt from a super hot and humid day than to exfoliate with our Caramel Macchiato Body Polish or our Strawberry Daiquiri Body Polish! These super quick-fix polishes instantly revitalise your skin, slough off the dead skin cells and grit, nourish, soothe and moisturise your skin leaving you with an instant glow!

  1. Eat fruits and vegetables

These are loaded with multiple vitamins and minerals that help keep your skin looking bright and vibrant. They also contain antioxidants, which fight free radicals and protect your skin from premature aging, dull and wrinkled skin.

  1. Invest in cooling face mists

Face mists are designed to cool and hydrate your skin making you feel fresh and supple instantly. These water based formulations contain hydrating ingredients, which bind moisture to your skin, thereby preventing the water on your skin from evaporating.

  1. Take your Multivitamins

Fighting the elements is a colossal task and you need to call in for some extra help! Vitamins help boost your bodily functions and ensure that whatever vitamins and minerals your body has lost via evaporation due to excessive heat are replenished.

10. Shower frequently

What better way to cool off and keep your skin clean, than to shower at least twice a day. Opt for cool water and ditch the hot water…as this can strip your skin of oils and leave you extremely dry and uncomfortable.


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