Alpha Hydroxy Acids most commonly found in milks, are little minions, who work tirelessly to remove the dead cells of the epidermis (outer skin) causing the skin to have a more youthful, bright and glowing appearance.

By definition, AHAs work on the skin’s surface to produce surface improvements like smoothing fine lines,unclogging pores, brighten complexion and reveal younger, fresher skin.

Milk products are the new anti-aging miracle workers as they help clear blemishes, hydrate the skin and lighten hyper pigmentation by loosening layers of dead cells clinging to the skin’s surface. They reduce the appearance of wrinkles, roughness and discolouration after extended daily application.

Since they are naturally occurring molecules found in fruits and milk, they are perfectly safe to be used on the skin as they soften and exfoliate the skin, revealing younger, healthier looking skin underneath.  Ever heard of a chemical peel…well yea, these are also AHAs in much higher concentrations!

Important things to know about milk skincare and AHAs

  1. AHA’s are extremely powerful at removing, peeling and sloughing off dead skin cells, more so than exfoliants found in other cosmetics. This is because AHAs work by dissolving the glue-like bonds holding cells together and can penetrate deep into the skin to loosen these clingy bonds.
  1. Of all the types of AHAs, Lactic acid, found naturally in milk is one of the most effective and gives excellent results.
  1. AHA’s are not magic potions that miraculously get rid of acne and wrinkles,it requires consistency.
  1. A little stinging during application is normal, however, if stinging continues, or redness, small bumps appear, discontinue use immediately. To keep stinging and irritation to a minimum, it is advisable to apply AHA products on dry skin 10 minutes after washing since wet skin is more absorbent. It is also recommended to build up to daily use by applying the AHA product once every other day for two weeks, then once a day for two weeks.

We are simply obsessed with milk infused skincare and we have found that our milk range gives a beautiful glow, keeps fine lines and wrinkles at bay, and improves the overall feel and look of the skin. Try our range of Goat Milk lotion, Rice Milk Lotion, Rose Garden Soap (Camel Milk) today and read testimonials of satisfied clients.


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