Since it’s inception, the reception and feedback from our Sip ‘n’ Craft series have been awesome!!!! Like we’ve had events every week both private and regular, in-store events and we are just elated to be sharing our knowledge with you and having fun along the way! Since a lot of people still do not know what exactly it is, and we get numerous emails and questions about it on a daily basis, we decided to break it down and give you a play by play of what it is and what to expect.

So here’s how it works…

Sip ‘n’ Craft Series are a group of workshops designed to teach participants in a simplistic manner, the basics of handcrafted bath and body products. The classes are designed to be simple, fun, interactive and awaken your creative juices, while creating a relaxing and bonding atmosphere for participants.

The classes are very interactive and the more the merrier…bringing your friends along enhances the experience. The class starts with participants networking and getting to know other guests while sipping on signature cocktails and drinks. We move on to a general introduction of all participants and this is usually a very interesting part because so far, we have made connections and links with other participants that go beyond the sessions. Then the instructor introduces the topic of the day and walks participants through a bit of theoretical information and most importantly, safety issues….safety is key! Then the fun begins.

Last week we made Foaming Facial Scrub and I have to say, this has been my favourite class so far. Participants got to learn why it is important to exfoliate, types of exfoliation and the different types of exfoliants and why it is important to know which one works best for your skin type…knowledge is power.

Because the classes are totally hands on, the instructor split the class in groups and walked the guests through every step and they came up with their own creations…of course when you have a bunch of highly competitive women, it turned to a competition on who’s scrub was the best…each participant got to take home 2 scrubs each…one from their own spoils and the other from the rival team.

After the class was over, we discussed what other classes they’d love to see and came up with our 3 offerings this week. If you’re not familiar with our voting system, here’s how it works. Every week, we put up 3 classes and have guests vote for their favorite workshop…the class with the most votes wins and will be the next class we offer as our Sip ‘n’ Craft workshop for the week….vote here now. This week we have

  1. Silky Body Conditioner
  2. Edible Facial Mask
  3. Solid Perfume

Voting lines close on Wednesday and our next class is on Monday, May 30th at noon…it’s a public holiday so everybody is welcome. There are only a few seats remaining but contact us and we will accommodate you.

This is a fantastic way to have a girls night out, have a different and more exciting bridal shower without the played out games, celebrate a birthday party for children and adults alike, corporate team bonding exercises and couples bonding sessions.  The best part is we are able to customise and tweak the classes to suit your needs.

To view a video of our last class, click here. Sign up for our next class here and bring a friend or 3! See you on Monday!


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