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Black soap is Africa’s best kept, not-so-secret, secret that is well loved and for the most part, well known globally. Having been passed down from generation to generation, it’s no secret that BathKandy’s black soap is simply amazing…. fondly referred to as magic aka #notyouraverageblacksoap! But did you know it’s also very useful for more things than one?

1.) Acne

Struggling with acne? Black soap is packed with nutrient-rich ingredients, such as honey, plantain and herbs. These ingredients combine to not only dry out breakouts, but they penetrate the skin to deeply cleanse, fight acne causing bacteria and prevent new breakouts, tone, clarify the skin and face acne scars as well.

2.) #BathTimeJustGotYummier

BathKandy’s Black Soap range packs a delicious punch for head to toe goodness and can be used all over…not just for your face! It lathers, suds like a dream, leaves you feeling clean and refreshed and moisturized!

3.) Wash-day

Black soap makes for an excellent shampoo that not only cleanses the scalp, but breaks down build up and clarifies your hair leaving it soft and manageable without drying it out. Also because of it’s lack of chemicals and additives, it creates the ideal environment for your hair to thrive and grow.

4.) Shave It All Off

One of the characteristics of a good shave cream/soap is lather…and black soap has this in abundance! So whenever you run out of shaving cream, or if you’re just looking for a new (and effective) shaving cream, give it a try!

Black soap comes in all forms, from liquid to semi solid and just plain BathKandy magic. Solid soap lovers should definitely try our Lola’s Gummy Soap, which is loaded with antioxidants to protect the skin from damage, removes and prevents blemishes, skin nourishing, softening and anti bacterial skin loving ingredients. It is power packed with BathKandy’s secret blend of all natural oils and herbs, which leave your skin with a beautiful glow.

If you’re more of a liquid soap person, you’ll love our African Black Velvet Soap, an Ayurvedic blend of 18 herbs, roots and spices and infused with peppermint oil is specifically designed to heal, regenerate and totally transform the skin leaving it balanced, clean and glowing…this is certainly not your average black soap!

Not too sure which soaps work for you? Stop by our shop at 36a Wole Ariyo, Lekki Phase 1 for a free consultation or order a bottle…or 2 here.


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