The most anticipated (for women) and dreaded (for men) day of the year, Valentine’s day is just around the corner and if you haven’t gotten anything for your Honey yet, don’t fret! Here at BathKandy, we are whipping up the perfect gift for you and yours. Feel free to leave this post open on Bae’s phone or computer. *wink. wink*

1.) BathKandy’s Edible Chocolate Massage Body Oil

What’s not to love…a two-for-one-special! This warming massage oil will hit your sweet spot, intensely moisturize your skin, and its gentle tingling sensation will have every muscle in your body singing sweet melodies! You and your sweetie are sure to enjoy this sweet, sweet treat.


2.) BathKandy’s Antique Rose Milk Soak

Not only does our Bath Milk Soak smell divine, it also soothes sore muscles and seriously softens your skin. It’s no secret that milk baths were Cleopatra’s secret to younger, softer, suppler skin. Now this milk soak doesn’t lather…just relax in the tub and SOAK all your stress and worries away. It totally relaxes you and sets the mood for a very…eventful evening wink.


3.) BathKandy’s Chocolate Rose Bath Melt

For lovers only. Fill your tub with intoxicating scents of warm chocolate with our über sexy chocolate and rose melts. If you’re feeling naughty, drop a few chocolate hearts into warm water and bask in the chocolaty goodness. For the grown and sexy, drop a few rose hearts into warm water and let the heady scents envelope and delicately soothe your skin.

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4.) BathKandy’s Candle Galore

You already know our candles are second to none. From our “Oudh” to our “Strawberries ‘n’ Cream” candles, there is something for anyone. When “Love Is In The Air”, these candles will definitely heat things up, and keep the entire room smelling great.

Massage Oil Candle_SML

BathKandy’s Signature Massage Candles are the ultimate gifts for couples! Simply light up the candle, allow the sweet aroma to fill the room and once you have a pool of melted wax, simply pour the warm wax on your skin and massage away! Don’t worry, the wax is warm, so you won’t get burned and it’s also skin safe.

5.) BathKandy’s Beard Oil

There’s nothing sexier than a man who looks good, but smells even better. This is a gift that keeps on giving, even after the embers of Valentine’s day have died down. Give your man this little gift and you’ll definitely thank us later/

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Click here to see our special Valentine’s day gift options. Want a little bit of everything, you can mix it up and create your own box!

Sample Option For Men: Hennessy Black, Beard Oil, Oudh Candle, Edible Chocolate Massage Body Oil and a Face Towel.

Sample Option For Women: Massage Candle, Edible Chocolate Body Oil, Antique Rose Bath Milk, Bath Melt, Facial Brush.


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