A nighttime regimen is just as important as your daytime skincare routine. The great news is that your regimen can be simple, yet effective. Here are a few tips to make sure skin stays supple and fresh throughout the night.

1.) Cleanse, Cleanse, CLEANSE.
Washing your face at night is pretty important. Think about it: you spent the whole day out and about, imagine all of the gunk that could be piling up on your skin and blocking your pores. For the best clean with drying out your skin, this week’s pick is our Pure Castile Face Wash and if you’re acne prone, with facial scarring, our Black Pepper & Turmeric Soap is your go to. And don’t forget the perfect face wash tool, our Exfoliating Face Brush, this little brush packs a punch and gets rid of tiny dirt and grime that tends to block pores, and leaves your skin with a radiant glow.


2.) Toning Time
A toner is so important because not only does it even out your skin tone, it soothes your skin and reduces puffiness. Best of all, it takes 20 seconds max to apply. Just dab a bit of our Facial Toner on to a cotton pad and rub all over your face and neck, and you’re good to go.

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3.) Seal The Deal
The last step is finding a good moisturizer, especially one that will last through the night. Try to use non-comedogenic (would not clog your pores) moisturizers and oils. Your ideal pick should be something lightweight and deep penetrating, such as our Coconut Oil, or Goat Milk Lotion.




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