Palm Kernel Oil has been around for centuries,often taking on different uses and recently however, many are beginning to see the effectiveness of Africa’s Black Gold on the skin.

Palm Kernel Nut

This black oil with a nutty scent, is totally cholesterol free and is gotten from the kernel of the Palm fruit.  Loaded with high levels of Vitamins A,E and K which are essential in aiding the body’s process of regenerating and protecting the skin, healing wounds, bruises, has also been rumored to treat certain skin conditions, such as: stretch marks and spider veins, it is excellent for fading tough scars and blemishes.

Want to know more? Well here are five other things that Palm Kernel Oil does for your skin:

1.) Moisturize

This oil not only keeps your skin soft and supple throughout the day, but it also relieves dry, flaky and itchy skin.

2.) Promotes Elasticity

With many anti-aging properties, including a high dose of Vitamins A and E, this oil maintains and increases skin elasticity, preventing sagging, fine lines and premature aging of the skin.

3.) Sun Block

Unlike other oils, Palm Kernel Oil is a protectant and a natural sunscreen. This oil prevents UV rays from damaging the skin, thus lowering risk of skin cancer.

4.) Glow baby, GLOW

With active vitamins and nutrients such as Vitamin A, this liquid black gold improves the quality of your skin, by deeply penetrating your skin to detoxify, revive and resuscitate, giving you a natural glow from within. Who doesn’t love a little glow?

5.) Keeps You Clean

Have you ever heard of oil that breaks down oil? Well Palm Kernel does just that. This is why Palm Kernel is often an active ingredient in scrubs and soaps, including ours.

And without further ado, we would like to introduce a new addition to the BathKandy family, our spanking new Kokonut Kernel Soap, a must have for those looking to have beautiful, blemish free skin with a radiant glow! Palm Kernel Oil is an active ingredient in our Kokonut Kernel Soap.


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