That was the theme of Bola Tinubu’s Colloquium which took place on 28th March 2017 at Eko Hotel and Suites in Victoria Island. This annual commemorative event not only celebrated the 65th birthday of Former Lagos State Governor Mr. Bola Tinubu, but it put into perspective the potential of Nigeria and Nigerians. Leaders in the agricultural, housing, media and beauty industry were in attendance and BathKandy’s very own, Ms. Blondie Okpuzor was a guest speaker.

The purpose of this event was to bring leaders of various industries together, specifically entrepreneurs to have an open discussion about the challenges of doing business in Nigeria and fostering solutions. This much needed discussion raised awareness about public perceptions about made in Nigeria products, the unique struggles of doing business here, how these challenges have been overcome and hopes for the future. Judging by Instagram alone, made in Nigeria products have come a looooong way! No more shoddy products and sub par creations, but truly amazing and creative businesses carving their own niche here in Nigeria and it was a great opportunity for the government to realize how far the private sector has come, especially small to medium enterprises.

A few of the entrepreneurs present included sustainable housing (construction with shipping containers), screen writers, Agriculture Technology and many more! With the amount of talent in the room, we wondered why these businesses were not competing on an international platform or exporting internationally!  I mean when you have products created from all locally sourced raw materials like BathKandy’s Garri Scrub (Luminous Exfoliating Bar), you wonder why we are not sharing the beauty of our heritage with the world! Seriously, so much talent in the room. As business people in Nigeria, the challenges we face are numerous and collectively, we need to find a way to overcome these hurdles and invest in ourselves and our future. Waiting for the government to do anything is like expecting drips of water from a leaking tap to fill a bucket in 5 minutes! The power belongs to us and “it’s time for us to invest in us, believe in us, and most importantly support us”.

We don’t lack knowledge, imagination or capability, we simply lack resources and collectively, we can do magnificent things.

Watch our CEO’s speech here.

Video credit: @akumafiete


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