As any entrepreneur or SME would tell you, entrepreneurship is a labour of love. It’s literally a child whom you birth, nurture, sacrifice and groom for greatness.

BathKandy Co. is my baby and my brainchild, which has taken many years of hard work, sacrifice, perseverance and prayers to build. As humans, we are quick to see other people’s success and believe the hype without sparing any though to the grueling process of making it to the top. As many are aware, BathKandy Co. started as a result of a personal struggle and my need to find products that worked for my peculiar skin issues. Never did it cross my mind that we would be the corporation that we are today. It is unfortunate that people would try to share in the glory without toiling in the dirt.

As the company grew, we started to instil values that would transcend myself as the CEO. A value system, that portrays honest and laudable traits which have governed my way of life. We have imbibed certain values like integrity, passion, commitment, hard work, excellence, professionalism, beauty in all aspects, self-esteem and mutual respect. As such, we have chosen to only work with people who reflect these same values. These traits are what have made this brand what it is today.

Over the years, we have collaborated with people who reflect, and share these values that we hold dear. For instance, our collaboration with Nicole Chikwe of TheNicoleCode for the production of a limited edition ofThe Nicole SoapRadiant Rice Facial Scrub; and Rice Milk Lotion, and more recently, our collaborations with Joy Adesanya of Shhh Lingerie have been resounding hits. These are people who appreciate excellence in service. These successes informed our decision to expand and collaborate with more people to produce limited editions of our products. Alliances of this sort are not unusual in this industry and bigger international collaborations like Pepsi and Beyonce or MAC and Rihanna to name a few are examples of very successful limited edition collaborations where the ownership of the brand was never in question.

To this end, we signed an agreement with a beauty blogger, Lola Ojetola who was contracted to market and promote our black soap range for a limited time for which she was paid generously. In the course of our engagement with her, we realized that our value systems were unevenly yoked. Owing to a series of breaches and false claims, we thought it best not to renew the agreement after its agreed duration lapsed. It is rather unfortunate that this person has made efforts, albeit unsuccessfully, to malign our brand after we discontinued our relationship with her.

As a brand which jealously guards its integrity, our company has zero tolerance for unethical practices, we will stand against anything and anyone who wants to taint this image that we have labored and toiled so hard to build. BathKandy Co. being all that it is, is more than a name or a brand but a way of life and the validity or effectiveness of our products have never been in question. We will always rise above any adversity thrown our way because the foundation on which our company is built, is like Mount Zion…unshakeable! Let this be a lesson to us all to focus on building a good reputation, as character would always speak for itself.

On a lighter note, we have been cooking something up that in true BathKandy fashion, we know you would love! It is as a result of your requests and feedback and we can’t wait to share it with you. From the bottom of my heart, we sincerely thank you for your continuous support and solemnly pledge to continue the production of our world class products and delivering the top class BathKandy experience that you have become accustomed to.

Thank you.


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