1. Being Afraid of Oil

Not all oils are created equal. Don’t be scared of “Oil” on the ingredient list in lotions, creams and moisturizers. Argan and Jojoba Oils are used in many products to aid moisturizing benefits and are non-comedogenic, meaning they won’t clog your pores! Oils also make amazingly gentle make up removers so go get you some here.


  1. Using Harsh Cleansers

Products containing alcohol and stringent cleansers typically affect your skin by stripping it of its natural oils, which can lead to acne. Apply gentle, all natural foaming cleansers that include will not dry out your skin and check that it is sulphate free to eliminate further dryness. A good facial cleanser is this Pure Castile Face wash made from 100% Olive Oil which gently loosens dirt without stripping your skin of its natural oils.


  1. Exfoliating Too Much

Physical exfoliation with harsh exfoliants can be punishing and quite damaging on your skin. A general rule of thumb is to use a gentle facial exfoliant or polish and never exfoliate more than 3 times a week to give your skin time to heal. For those who live in the tropics or climates where the elements are damaging, especially where the sun can be quite harsh, using a soft facial brush or pad will work wonders in keeping your skin and your complexion the added boost and glow. This Exfoliating Facial Brush is soft to the touch but really loosens dirt and grime from your pores leaving your skin baby smooth and clean.


  1. Missing Out On Makeup

Cosmetics are awesome and having oily skin is no excuse to avoid using them. With a little extra research, find foundations and powders that are oil-free, non-comedogenic and won’t cause build up and clog your pores. Mineral makeup and loose/ mattifying powders are a good start. Don’t forget to wash your face before you go to bed!


  1. Not Moisturizing Enough

We get that you don’t see the point in adding a layer of lotion to your already oil-laden face…but this is no justification to write off your skin just yet. Your skin requires water to stay healthy and radiant and a good moisturizer should add just the right amount of water to keep your skin hydrated. The word “moisturizer” means moisture = water and NOT oil! Oils do not moisturize…they lock and seal in moisture. Your facial moisturizer should also be light and contain the right oils for oily skin like Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Rosehip Oil, Macadamia Oil. Heavier moisturizers like night creams and regenerative lotions can be worn at night.

Photo Credit: www.beautyandtheboutique.tv


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