Relax woman, we’re not calling you lazy…you’re just busy…we get it. We know how hard you work and how little time you have to yourself…especially living in Lagos…stress levels are on a 100! However, in between your demanding work schedule, social life, fit-fam lifestyle and family obligations, something’s gotta give…and we’re here to help you get your best skin. Studies have shown that what you wear each day affects your overall performance and your skin is the largest organ in the body…so here are some tips to help you wear your best skin yet.

  1. Keep it cool baby

Hot showers are simply amazing and are super relaxing but did you know that you could be aging yourself by singe-ing all the oils from your skin? Hot water opens up your pores and can quickly strip your skin of its natural oils. For best results, wash your face with lukewarm water, use a good cleanser then finish off with cold water…this will close out your pores while leaving your skin with a healthy glow.

  1. Put your nightstand to good use

Ever find yourself tempted to crawl into bed with all your makeup on? Me too! Keep a stash of facial wipes, a facial toner and your moisturizer on your bedside table and you don’t even have to get out of bed! We particularly love BathKandy’s Facial Toner, which is made with Rosewater, Glycerine and loaded with a bunch of antioxidants, which helps to balance the pH of your skin, moisturize, hydrate and refresh your skin leaving you with a dewy and healthy glow. It’s perfect for acne prone, inflamed and blemished skin and can also be used as a facial revitalizer and a makeup refresher/ setting spray…talk about value for money!

  1. Good things come in two’s.

With the hustle and bustle of Lagos living, you probably sometimes find yourself spending the night at a friends place just to avoid traffic and your skincare routine has most certainly taken a backseat! Buying two of everything and keeping one set in your home and one in your car or your purse so you’re never without your favorite beauty essentials. And you’ll always have extra should you run out.

What skincare steps do you skip after a long day? Tell us in the comments!


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