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BathKandy University

If you’re reading this then you’re probably a loyal BathKandy lover. You’ve used our products, heard about them, smelled them on someone and you had to hold yourself back from licking them…yea you’re smitten! What if we told you that you could learn to make your own natural skincare products, create your niche and run a successful beauty business all by yourself! Well yes you can and if what you’ve read so far sounds good, then BathKandy University is for you! We offer both private and general classes in the following courses;

BK101: Introduction to Cold Process Soap Making
BK102: Formulating Scrubs, Body Butters & Balms
BK103: Formulating Lotions & Creams
BK104: Candle Making
BK105: Running a successful Skincare Business
But this is not just any ‘ol university and our classes are certainly not just regular classes…they are hands on…yes you will make products by yourself in your 1st class, you will have homework…and exams, you will get messy…but you will emerge triumphant! 
You will learn the science behind formulating skincare products, create and develop your own formulas, carve your own niche, make products and most of all, you will be provided with a well coveted suppliers list of where to buy supplies. At the end of the semester, you will take home all the products you have created and will also receive a certificate of completion.